i started making this beat and i kept thinking of dnoi so i just went with it and thought of making something i can imagine dnoi killing.

Yo! I’m Otis Funkmeyer. Welcome to my channel and thanks for stopping by. Here’s a bunch of info about me and my channel to help you figure it out if it’s your first time here.

My main focuses on this channel are dancing, music, and life philosophy. I am most known for making commentaries/react videos of popping battles. I also make music and music videos and post them here.

I think that part of being an amazing dancer and human in the long run is to be well-rounded and so I make a lot of other videos about other aspects of life that I think it’s not a good to miss out on.

I have a website with my whole life story at and I wrote a book about what I think is the best way to live. It’s available on Amazon and iTunes and also as a free PDF download here:

Several years ago, 2 documentaries were made about me and my wife Jenny and our unconventional approach to life. I highly recommend them because I think they’re just good works of art: this one is called “MEET THE FUNKMEYERS” this one is called “MAY DECEMBER” and it was made only a year after we met.

Oftentimes, people ask me to watch a certain video and make a commentary or to make a commentary video of them dancing. I get so many requests for this that there’s no way I could do them all.

So I created a way where you can sponsor a video as a way to get me to give you a dance critique or just a way to support the channel and get one of your favorite videos have a commentary done on it. I made a video about how to sponsor a video here:

The current price is $25 and you can pay for the sponsorship either via bitcoin or paypal. I especially love bitcoin though. I think it’s the future.

If you want to follow me on social media, I’m most active on Twitter where I talk mostly about tech and politics:

The other ones are here and you can email me at the address below

Thank you for your support and the thing I love most is when people leave comments in the comment section and introduce themselves. I am super interested in all of the people who are viewing my channel. I love it. Thank you. PEACE



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